What Are the Benefits of Stem Cell Treatments?

Tired of taking endless pills or injections for your chronic condition or injury? Does the idea of surgery or invasive treatments make you shudder? Here at PRP in Philadelphia, we have good news for sufferers of many chronic bone, muscle, soft tissue problems, and injuries: Stem cell treatments from Dr. Stuart A. Kauffman, DO, provide safe and effective health and wellness benefits without unwanted side effects or risks.  

Over the past decade, scientific advancements with stem cells mean emerging treatment applications for many chronic conditions and injuries, such as osteoarthritis and damaged cartilage, torn or sprained ligaments and muscles, tendonitis, and more. Stem cell treatment from Dr. Kauffman can help you reduce pain, recover from injury and chronic problems, and regain control over your health.

Medication-free pain and inflammation relief

Chances are, if you suffer from pain and inflammation as a result of chronic conditions or injury, you’ve taken medications to alleviate your symptoms. And though they may help, the relief they provide doesn’t last. In addition, many of these medications come with unsavory side effects that can cause additional health problems. Fortunately, stem cell treatments offer effective, lasting relief. By promoting tissue regeneration and repair, stem cells treat pain and reduce inflammation at the source for effective treatment that lasts.

Targeted, specific treatment for the best outcome

Pills and injections enter the bloodstream and affect your entire body - whether it needs affecting or not. In addition to unwanted side effects, these protocols don’t target the problem area and as such can’t provide the best outcome. Stem cell therapy, on the other hand, uses a highly specific methodology to target treatment and ensure an optimal outcome for patients.

Repair to nerve damage, scar tissue, and more

By injecting and stimulating the affected area with stem cells, the body’s repair process is triggered. Stem cells deliver natural growth elements, which helps repair additional damage to nerves, scar tissue, bone tissue, and more, while suppressing inflammation and lowering pain. The process is even faster and more effective when combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

Results without extended recovery or side effects

Surgery can be effective, but it’s risky, may lead to complications, and can sideline your life for weeks - even months. Steroid injections and medications bring unwanted side effects and required repeated use. Stem cell treatment with PRP therapy, on the other hand, avoids these risks and the extended recovery time. Because stem cells and platelet-rich plasma are derived from the body, they utilize our body’s innate healing methods and promote better recovery. In fact, research shows stem cells enhance recovery of many conditions from orthopedic concerns to muscle damage. What’s more? Stem cells and PRP treatments are minimally invasive, meaning you can resume normal activities immediately.

Ready to learn how stem cell treatments can help you? Call or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Stuart A. Kauffman, DO, at PRP in Philadelphia today.

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