Holistic Treatment Just Got a Whole Lot More Interesting

Holistic PRP Therapy and It’s Many Uses and Benefits

The term holistic treatment can often take on different connotations depending on who you ask.Holistic treatment also referred to as holistic medicine generally describes a method of treatment that addresses the whole person. Instead of simply looking at one aspect of the body – exclusively the physical, holistic medicine also examines the mental, spiritual and emotional condition of an individual.

Not always, but on occasion, holistic healing includes natural medicinal practices and modalities. This can sometimes lead to the misnomer that to receive holistic treatment translates to primitive forms of medical options. Holistic treatment options can actually involve innovative and advanced approaches, some of which involve minimally invasive techniques with rapid results. Learn about one of the latest holistic treatments being utilized for anything from hair loss regeneration to healing sports injuries, and much more.

What is PRP Therapy?

Although PRP therapy has been made more press within the last few years, it has been widely used for close to a decade to treat a number of conditions from sports-related injuries, hair loss, facial regeneration and more.

Notable media examples of PRP’s success surfaced when UFC fighter, Georges St-Pierre successfully used PRP injections to treat a groin injury; Pittsburgh Steelers Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu received PRP therapy for sports injuries, enabling them to play in the Super Bowl; and Los Angeles Dodger Takashi Saito’s utilized PRP therapy to heal an elbow.

The reason for PRP (platelet rich plasma) being touted as an innovative holistic treatment, is due to the use of the body’s own healing mechanisms enabling treatment to occur naturally and for many – quickly.

One vial of blood is typically all that’s needed during aholistic PRP treatment to extract the necessary growth factors that will then be re-injected to needed areas of the body.

Holistic PRP Therapy and It’s Many Uses and Benefits

In addition to its holistic properties, PRP therapy is versatile, minimally invasive, virtually pain-free and the results are permanent. At Kauffman PRP we offer a wide range of PRP treatment servicesthat yield impressive and lasting results including:

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With little to no pain involved, minimal downtime and permanent results, you’ll have a difficult time searching for reasons not to try PRP holistic treatment. We’d love to schedule a consultation with you today to see what PRP treatment is best for you. Call us today!

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