Here's How to Prepare for Your Fluoroscopic Guidance

Here's How to Prepare for Your Fluoroscopic Guidance

If you’re scheduled for PRP therapy or stem cell injectionDr. Stuart Kauffman and our team at PRP in Philadelphia may have also ordered fluoroscopic guidance.

Fluoroscopic guidance is an advanced imaging technique that projects real-time X-ray images on a fluorescent screen. The result is a movie-like X-ray that allows Dr. Kauffman to view injections as they happen and place them with accuracy. Before you arrive for your procedure with fluoroscopic guidance, Dr. Kauffman reviews all of your specific preparation instructions.

In the meantime, here are a few general tips for preparing for fluoroscopic guidance.

Preparing for fluoroscopic guidance

One of the best ways to prepare for fluoroscopy (or any other procedure) is to learn about the procedure and ask questions during your consultation. 

Before your procedure

Before your PRP therapy or stem cell injection, Dr. Kauffman meets with you to review your symptoms and determine if injections are right for you. If he recommends injections with fluoroscopic guidance, he explains the procedure, how it benefits you, and how to prepare for it. 

You should inform him if you’re pregnant (or planning to be), breastfeeding, or have any allergies to medications. During this time, Dr. Kauffman also reviews your current list of medications and answers any questions you have.

On the day of your procedure

These tips can help you prepare for your appointment:

Note: You may read that some fluoroscopy procedures require the use of contrast dye, limit food for 8-12 hours, and suggest bowel emptying. There are many different procedures that make use of fluoroscopy, including many digestive studies. 

While those require more preparation, keep in mind that not all procedures with fluoroscopic guidance require the same preparation steps. We use fluoroscopic guidance for injections, which is very different from some of the other procedures that make use of this technology.

Rest assured that we provide you with all necessary preparation steps based on your specific needs, your treated area, and the injections you’re receiving.

What to expect during your procedure

When you arrive for your injection with fluoroscopic guidance, you change into a gown and lay on a special table. Based on the area being treated, we position you so Dr. Kauffman has the best access to your targeted area.

Once you’re in the right position, the machine emits several pulses, or short bursts, of radiation, which is then projected onto the screen. With the visuals illuminating the path, Dr. Kauffman administers your PRP or stem cell injections.

The fluoroscopy doesn’t hurt, but you may feel slight discomfort from the injection. Despite a brief discomfort, focus on the goals. Your platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can help reduce pain and inflammation while promoting healing from within. 

Is fluoroscopic guidance right for you?

Dr. Kauffman lets you know if fluoroscopic guidance is right for you. You may benefit from it if you are receiving PRP injections or stem cell therapy to treat:

If fluoroscopic guidance isn’t right for you, you may benefit from ultrasound guidance, which is ideal for those receiving joint injections, dealing with plantar fasciitis, or treating tendon injuries.

To learn more about fluoroscopic guidance and regenerative medicine, schedule an appointment at our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, office. Call or request an appointment online today.

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