5 Ways Microneedling Can Improve Your Skin

Everyone wants smooth, bright, even-toned skin — and everyone deserves it. The thing is, life simply doesn’t allow us all to enjoy a radiant complexion. Between puberty, hormonal acne, sun exposure, sweating, diet choices, lack of sleep, aging, and other factors, our skin really takes a beating throughout life.

It seems like the only way to achieve perfect skin is to hide inside like a hermit clutching a water bottle in one hand and your moisturizer in the other. We won’t condone that (enjoy your life!), but we can tell you that there’s a way to combat all those skin misfortunes. 

There are a handful of ways, actually, but Dr. Stuart Kauffman of PRP In Philadelphia wants you to know about the golden nugget of skin repair: microneedling with PRP. Comprised of two of the most revolutionary treatments in dermatology, PRP microneedling has the power to erase scars, get rid of dark spots, and so much more. Here’s everything you need to know. 

What is microneedling?

Microneedling involves using a device to insert very fine, short needles into your skin. This creates micro-injuries and stimulates your skin to produce new collagen, the protein that makes up more than 70% of your skin. Additional collagen strengthens your skin and reduces the appearance of scars, spots, and other marks. Microneedling offers fairly quick results, but your skin continues to repair and rejuvenate over time.  

What is PRP therapy? 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy involves using your own blood to encourage healing. Dr. Kauffman takes blood (usually from your arm) and spins it in a centrifuge until the platelets separate from the other components of your blood. Platelets contain high concentrations of growth factors that stimulate repair of your body’s tissues. 

Ways microneedling with PRP can improve your skin

If you put the effects of microneedling and PRP together, you can rejuvenate your skin in ways you never previously thought imaginable. Dr. Kauffman shares the top-five things PRP microneedling can do to improve your complexion: 

  1. Reduces the appearance of scars

Both PRP and microneedling have the power to reduce scarring by stimulating new collagen production.

  1. Eliminates hyperpigmentations

By creating micro-injuries, microneedling causes clumps of excess melanin (pigment) to break down. Over time, your body absorbs the broken-down pigment and sheds it as waste via your lymphatic system. PRP may intensify or speed up this process. 

  1. Minimizes wrinkles and fine lines

Collagen is the protein that keeps your skin strong and elastic. By encouraging your body to produce more collagen, microneedling with PRP can reduce or eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. 

  1. Evens out skin tone

Whether you struggle with red splotches, sun spots, or something else that makes your skin look uneven, microneedling with PRP targets multiple skin conditions at once to even out your skin tone. 

  1. Brightens complexion

As we age, our skin becomes dull due to general wear and tear. PRP microneedling speeds up cellular turnover, which means your body sheds dead skin cells more quickly and replaces them with new cells for an overall brighter complexion. 

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