5 Reasons You’ll Wish You Could Marry PRP Female Hair Loss Treatment

5 Reasons You’ll Fall in Love with PRP Hair Therapy

Women are constantly surrounded by reminders of the prominence that healthy and luxurious hair represents in society – femininity, beauty, attractiveness. The premature thinning and loss of hair can be more than simply frustrating, it can be traumatizing and in some cases, cause significant mental anguish. After all, we often can’t prevent hair loss from occurring. Hormones, physical conditions, and stress can all be factors leading to the loss of hair.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, hair loss can cause significant psychological problems. However, It may be comforting to learn that there is a new female hair loss treatment that has helped many women regain their self-confidence once again. This hair loss medical procedure is called PRP injection therapy which promotes natural hair regeneration.

PRP Female Hair Loss Treatment – Your Road to Physical and Emotional Rebirth

If someone told you there was a way to stimulate new hair growth, without the involvement of invasive surgery, toxic chemicals or pain, would you believe it? Believe it! PRP hair loss treatment is an innovative method of encouraging hair regeneration through the exclusive use of the body’s own growth factors – platelet rich plasma – hence, “PRP.”

The platelets come from an individual’s blood and are extracted and separated through a centrifuge. The regenerative “plasma power players” are then reapplied to affected areas of the scalp. PRP injections not only encourage new hair growth but will also help decrease hair loss.

Recipients of PRP hair loss treatment have expressed hope, happiness, and relief as a result of receiving PRP therapy. It’s common for patients of PRP to use descriptors like “beautiful,” “lush” and “thick” as benefits to taking advantage of the procedure.

5 Reasons You’ll Fall in Love with PRP Hair Therapy

Whether your hair loss is a byproduct of aging, hormone imbalance, stress or other hair-loss related conditions, PRP has the potential to regenerate new hair growth. And the best part – the benefits far outweigh the cost. Here are five reasons why you’ll love the prospect of PRP hair loss treatment:

  1. It’s completely natural – no synthetic injections or toxic topical creams are involved.
  2. It’s virtually painless – the process is similar to “micro needling” and patients typically feel little to no pain.
  3. Minimal downtime is involved – since the process generally causes only minor pain and takes around 30 minutes (max) to perform, downtime is nominal.
  4. The process is permanent – the hair that regenerates is yours!
  5. Usually, only 4 treatments are required – unlike other methods of hair loss treatment, PRP typically produces results in little as 4 sessions (depending on the individual and severity of hair loss).

If you are ready to restore your self-esteem, we would be honored to share in your journey of hair restoration. It’s possible not only to experience new hair growth but to also restore the thickness and luxuriousness you may have once had.

Typically anyone in good health with realistic expectations can be a candidate for PRP hair loss treatment. To find out for sure, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us. Please call us today.

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